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AIRYOGA Schedule until Christmas

Unfortunately, there is no prospect of an ease of the current corona measures within the next weeks; the class size is still limited to 15 people (including teacher). 
AIRYOGA will therefore go on with the current schedule at Studio Fabrikstrasse until Christmas.
During the Holiday season we will offer a special schedule which will be published here soon.

In these challenging and uncertain times, Yoga is especially valuable and important! We would like to encourage you to attend our classes at AIRYOGA Studio Fabrikstrasse. In many classes, there is often free space at short notice. 

All classes will be streamed live simultaneously through AIRYOGA Online so that those yogis who did not get a space in the class can participate from home. The live stream only shows the teacher on his/her mat, the students in the yoga room are not visible.
AIRYOGA uses Zoom to transmit the live stream. Zoom can be used in any common browser and can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or smartphone for free.

See the schedule at AIRYOGA Studio Fabrikstrasse until December 23, 2020 here...
To attend these classes it is still imperative to reserve your space in advance through our Online Reservation System.
We take the right to apply our reservation rules strictly. As only 14 students are allowed per class we would like to give everyone the opportunity to attend classes.

The AIRYOGA Studio Oberdorfstrasse - as well as the Yoga Shop - will remain closed until the end of the year. With this measure we want to contribute to the reduction of the spread of the Corona Virus.
The Online Yoga Shop is still available.

AIRYOGA members holding a valid unlimited pass can get access to the online classes through AIRYOGA Online so that they can use their pass for both classes at Studio Fabrikstrasse and online classes through AIRYOGA Online. Please contact zuerich@airyoga.com if you wish to take advantage of this option. 

If you do not wish to attend classes either at Studio Fabrikstrasse or through AIRYOGA Online via Live Stream, you can interrupt your current series/pass until we are able to offer more classes in both studios again. Please send us an e-mail to zuerich@airyoga.com

Here you can find the requirements and instructions how to book online classes through AIRYOGA Online.

Below are the prices for the online classes through AIRYOGA Online:
Single class 60 minutes: CHF 12.-
Single class 75-90 minutes: CHF 15.-
Series of 5 classes of 60 minutes: CHF 50.-
Series of 5 classes of 75-90 minutes: CHF 65.-

The face mask obligation still applies at AIRYOGA - except for the time you are practicing on your yoga mat. In addition, it is still imperative that the current Protective Scheme at AIRYOGA is adhered to.

We are thankful to still be connected with you in our live classes at Studio Fabrikstrasse or online.
Stay healthy and enjoy the Advent season - despite the difficult circumstances.