Welcome to AIRYOGA.

Here, you are at the right place to start with yoga or deepen your yoga practice or get trained in an accredited teacher training. You can find inspiration in yoga workshops and retreats or learn how to experience more peace and serenity in your everyday life.

For 20 years AIRYOGA has been one of the leading yoga studios in Zurich and Switzerland.

With our experienced team of yoga teachers, we would like to introduce you to the diversity and power of yoga. We do this competently and with joy and passion.

Come by – we look forward to accompany you on your yoga journey.

Voices from the AIRYOGA community:

„AIRYOGA is a life changing place. Literally.“

„Thank your for paving a new way of life for me.“

„Durch gute und schlechte Zeiten haben mich die Yogastunden, aber vor allem die herzlichen Menschen getragen.“

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