Mira Popper

Mira's path of Hatha Yoga began early on in pursuit of an integration for mind, soul, and body. She studied comparative religious sciences and philosophy, especially the Eastern traditions. Meanwhile, she was teaching dance and aerobics on the side.
After graduating, she turned to the work of healing and studied integrative body psychotherapy, which in turn lead her to psychology. After more years of training in clinical psychology and general sciences of psychotherapy, she opened her own practice for individual and group therapy in 1998. At the same time and through her yoga teacher training she discovered that Hatha Yoga contained the integration of all the previous steps she had undertaken. Yoga became a spiritual path for herself and increasingly, also a source of nurturing for her patients. In the years that followed she developed her own combination of yoga and therapy – called integrative yoga therapy.
To Mira, yoga is a path for healing and centering, for opening and owning yourself, as well as a path of great letting go and of realizing that, in the end, it is not about „my self“.
Mira offers a form of yoga which is especially designed for people in the third stage of life. This form has emerged from integrative yoga therapy. Sie teaches in German and English.