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This detailed instructed class for beginners will give us the security that we are stable and confident. Michael's main aspect in yoga is the connection of yoga with our everyday life - what he transports in a philosophical way into each posture

Learn the basics of yoga in this precisely instructed yoga class. This class for yoga beginners will train your strength, flexibility and the right way to breath in the yoga postures. Get a new awareness of yourself.

In this thoroughly instructed class for beginners we draw new energy through gentle spinal twists. The Universal Principles of Alignment of Anusara yoga will increase an energy boost and will make you feel balanced and centered in your body.

This Anusara yoga class will guide you playfully through advanced Asana variations. You will learn how to strengthen your ability to find balance through challenging standing and balance postures and back bends

"Hug your midline" is the subject of this Anusara yoga class for advanced beginners. By focusing on your heart you will find your way back to your inner strength and balance, tranquillity and sedateness.

Expect a strong, creative sequence using deep hip openers, as well as standing and balancing postures that lead deftly into a hand balance called Eka Pada Koundinyasana, allowing us to feel our stability in this medium level Anusara class.

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