MSA Wellness Set

Explore your body in a new way with the Wellness Set from MyStrengthAbility. Equipped with an MSA belt, a fascia double ball and two finger massage rings, you can get deeper into your strength, flexibility, muscle structures and relaxation.

The products can be purchased as a Wellness Set or individually.

MSA Belt purple

The 3-in-1 belt functions as a resistance & Yoga belt. It allows you to strengthen and lengthen your body while enjoying the benefits of power and flexibility. The stretchable belt is also suitable for stabilizing the body but also for re-invigorating the movements in your Yoga practice. The belt can be used for the whole body.

Material: Nylon (maintains elasticity), washable with wash bag at 30°.

No skin contact with rubber/latex – suitable for people with allergies.

Size: 145cm x 5cm - 12 loops

Price: CHF 35.00

MSA Fascia Double ball

The fascia double ball is suitable for muscle & fascia care and is, therefore, the perfect tool to reach the soft tissue in the body and self-regulate myofascial body tensions. It is versatile and can treat, for example, tennis elbow, a stiff neck, tense shoulders, sciatica or manipulations on both sides of the spine.

Material: High-quality, environmentally friendly rubber

Size: 14cm x 6.6cm

Price: CHF 35.00

MSA Finger Massage Rings (Set of 2)

The finger massage rings promote blood circulation and relax hands and fingers. The pressure on the fibers inside the fingers relieves pain and activates the positive sensorium.

The two high-quality, stainless, rose-gold rings are delivered in a cotton bag.

Price: CHF 12.00

MSA also supports the 'One Tree Planted' project, whereby a tree is planted for every product sold.

Price set: CHF 69.00
This wellness set includes the belt, the ball and the two rings

Examples of use and exercises can be found at:

12.00 CHF69.00 CHF incl. VAT

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