This beautiful, colored sinus irrigation pot (Neti Pot) is used for efficient cleaning and care of the nose and throat area. The rinsing of the nose with salt water is also called Jala Neti and belongs to the six yogic cleansing processes, the so-called Shat Kriyas.

Sinus irrigation with a warm saltwater solution has many benefits for the nose and sinuses: Dust, pollen and encrustations are loosened and washed away. The saline solution clears the nasal passages, lubricates the mucus membranes and supports the immune system.

Regular use of the sinus irrigation pot can help prevent and relieve sinus problems or infections, colds and can help alleviate allergy symptoms in a gentle and natural way.

The Neti Pots are made of elaborately glazed ceramic and are decorated with a mandala.

For the saline solution we recommend the Pakistani Neti Salt

Filling amount approx. 250 ml

Colors (photo top to bottom): mango, cream, lilac, jade, aqua

35.00 CHF incl. VAT

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