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Turning inwards can be intense. To best support you on that inward journey, AIRYOGA offers diverse yoga retreats and yoga travels in cooperation with select partners. Be it in Switzerland, in Europe or worldwide - you will always remember this special time away and carry it in your heart for ever!

In these handpicked, powerful places for withdrawal from the world, you can expect an oasis of peace and space for reflection, combined with a lush atmosphere and delicious cooking. You will not only benefit from your body and mind gaining strength and relaxation through this intense yoga experience, but you will also witness a cleansing and pampering thanks to the delicate nutrition.

Assisted by highly qualified teachers, you will venture onto an outer and inner journey, which will support your yoga practice in a holistic way, not to mention regenerate your body and soul. This in turn, will lead to deep and long-lasting tranquility. Let such a retreat infuse you with new strength and allow yourself to return to your daily life, in harmony with yourself.

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Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the inspiring and empowering teacher Max Strom for his autumn immersion retreat from October 13, to 20, 2018 at retreat center the mansion Cal Reiet on the Spanish Island of Mallorca. Read more…

From September 6, to 9, or from October 18, to 21, 2018 you can treat yourself to a few color-filled autumn days of yoga, hiking and wellness in Sils, a power place in the Upper Engadine.

In the relaxed, historic Hotel Waldhaus, AIRYOGA teacher Valérie Lutz will lead you through a balanced yoga program, and guide you on easy hikes in the spectacular natural backdrop.
A long weekend for all seeking calm and active regeneration. Read more...

From Thursday, October 25, through Sunday October 28, 2018, Stephen Thomas will offer a 4-day mountain retreat for development of the Pranayama practice and supporting Asanas and Kriyas.

This program at the seminar house Kientalerhof in the lovely Bernese Oberland is suitable for students with experience in Asana and Pranayama. Read more…

Manuela Peverelli and Isabelle Karan invite you to spend nine unforgettable days in the Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge in the Kanha Nationalpark in central India.
In the mornings we will dive deep into the precious practices of Yoga. On the guided half day safaris we will observe the beauty of Kanha’s landscapes, rare birds, and with some luck even a lepard or tiger. Other trips will enrich our stay in rural India.
This unique retreat from November 23, to December 2, 2018 will nurture your soul, clear your mind and will vibrate within you as an impressionable memory. Read more…

This is an intensive retreat/immersion for those wishing to spend the holiday season together sharing deep yoga practices, meditation, musical inspirations, delicious food and these beautiful, warm surroundings!

Stephen Thomas and teachers and musical guestswill offer this Christmas/New Year’s Retreat from December 23, 2018 through January 2, 2019 at Samata Retreat Center in North Goa, India. Read more…

Treat yourself to a few active days in the snow with yoga, skiing and winter hiking.

From January 17, to 20, 2019, Bina Nussbaum, a long-time snow sports top instructor and yoga teacher will show us her ‚Yoga on Snow’ slope and the best downhills on the Corviglia in St. Moritz. 
Valérie Lutz will lead us through balanced yoga classes and accompany us on the hikes and ski slopes.

If you do not feel like skiing or hiking, simply enjoy the wellness, the peace and the excellent service in the Hotel Waldhaus in Sils-Maria. Read more...

Discover Marrakesh, driveover the Atlas mountains and spend some unforgettable days in the Sahara desert. You will dive into the beauty of this vast and calm surrounding, while practicing Yoga and Meditation during the five days in the desert camp.

This yoga and cultural journey to Marocco can be booked either as a 12-day round trip from March 11th to 22nd, 2019 or as 8-day Sahara trip from March 14th to 22nd, 2019Read more…

Join Diana and dedicated Himalayan masters from April 1, to April 11, 2019 and become part of a truly inspirational and transformational journey.  

During this unique retreat into the heart of ‘Shivaland’ you will immerseinto yoga at its birthplace in North India. Here, at the holy ganges river, you will find space to deeply connect and magically transform your life. Read more…

Stress and Burnout are challenges relevant to an increasing number of people in our modern high-paced lives.

Join this weekend retreat with Adrian Wirth and Paola Deprez from Friday, April 5, through Sunday, April 7, 2019 in the Swiss Mountains to learn some simple tools that will help you become healthy and whole and stay that way. Read more…


Wild and untouched nature with lakes and ocean bays, ancient rainforests and long sandy beaches await you in this exclusive yoga retreat from June 1st to 8th 2019 in Tofino on Vancouver Island on the Westernmost Coast of Canada. Every day, experienced yoga instructor and physiotherapist Stefanie Zimmermann Castson will guide you through a yoga practice that aligns the mind, body and breath.

In this unique environment, you can experience the forces of nature in a particularly intense way. Here you will find peace and inspiration without and within. 

Canada and Vancouver Island are very attractive destinations. Early booking is therefore recommended! Read more...