Yogastyle: Hatha Yoga „Back Care Special“ (54 min)
Level: Open Levels
Teacher: Stefanie Zimmermann
Language of instruction: English

This class focuses on the health of the back through an harmonizing, grounding yoga practice. In order to understand our own personal physical tendency better, Stefanie starts with an intro to the skeleton. With this understanding of where in the body we need to cultivate stability and mobility we move through a conscious practice. This class is suitable for everyone who is not suffering acute back pain.
Based on the muscle-balance-principle of the low back we address the opening of muscles that tendentially tighten (such as Hipflexor/ Psoas, back thigh-/ Hamstrings, front thigh-/ Quadriceps and short backextensor/ Quadratus lomborum) and the strengthening of the deep muscles that tendentially weaken (such as deep belly / Transversus and back muscles/ Multifidi).