The transformative Power of your conscious Breath – a Workshop with Tamy

Experience the transformative power of Conscious-Connected Breath under the professional guidance of Breathwork Facilitator and Reiki Master Tamy Love.
Activate your natural healing system and immerse yourself in your own personal space of self-discovery and healing.

Conscious-Connected Breathwork is based on the principle that the breath is a direct link between the conscious and subconscious mind. By consciously engaging with the breath, deeply held emotions, traumas, and energetic blockages can be accessed and released.

Tamy will guide you professionally on your personal breathing journey. The practice is accompanied by carefully selected, evocative music connected to the four elements.
The workshop also includes an integration of about 30-minutes during which you will find your way back to your natural breath, as well as a sharing circle at the end.

Rooted in ancient wisdom and adapted for contemporary seekers, the practice of Conscious-Connected Breathwork is a powerful tool for those on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, healing and transformation.

Sunday, June 30, 2024
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

AIRYOGA, Fabrikstrasse 10 in 8005 Zurich

Tamy Love

German / Englisch

CHF 90.-

The workshop is appropriate for all levels. No previous experience is necessary, just the openness to embark on this transformative journey.
It is not suitable for pregnant women.
If you regularly take psychotropic drugs or other medication, we kindly ask you to contact Tamy prior to your registration:

Participation is limited.
Please note the reservation and cancelation policy for workshops at AIRYOGA.
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Conscious-Connected Breath is a transformative practice based on the deep wisdom of the breath that serves as a gateway to self-discovery and holistic healing.

This ancient technique, also known as circular breathing, involves a continuous and rhythmical pattern of breathing without pauses between inhalation and exhalation.

Through this awakening breath oxygen is pushed through all energy channels – also known as nadis. In this process, the unconscious can appear at the surface – that magic moment when the unconscious becomes conscious. It can appear in different physical sensations or through different emotions. As individuals integrate Conscious-Connected Breathwork into their lives, they often report enhanced clarity, increased vitality, and a profound sense of inner peace.

The life path of Tamy Love, better known as Tamy Glauser, has led her from a top model to a spiritual guide.

Despite her glamorous past on many catwalks, Tamy always felt a pull towards spirituality. It was during her studies of sociology that she first came in touch with Buddhism. Her first steps into breath work followed in 2012. She practiced Vipassana and integrated this form of meditation into her everyday life. In 2020, she was introduced to Reiki; since 2023 she is a Reiki master teacher.

Tamy is practising the life force energy technique every day. Over the years, Reiki and meditation have been joined by sound healing. Tamy is now a certified Breathwork Facilitator, completely in love with this sacred medicine – a combination of breathwork and energy therapy, in harmony with music.

After many years of inward and outward traveling, the great search for the true self and remembering, the time has finally come for Tamy to share her precious knowledge.

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The transformative Power of your conscious Breath – a Workshop with Tamy, June 30, 2024
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

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