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  • New at AIRYOGA?
  • The Liquid Ocean / The Spiralic Body: Embodied Flow™ Workshop with Tara Judelle
    on March 7, and 8, 2020
  • 5-Day Yoga Asana Morning Intensive with Patrick Creelman
    from Monday, March 30, to Friday, April 3, 2020
  • Absolute Beginners Yoga Workshop
    on Sunday, April 5, 2020
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Traditional Chinese Meridian Module with Josh Summers
    from April 23, to April 26, 2020
  • 35-Hour Insight Body Therapeutics Module with Anya Porter
    from April 30, to May 3, 2020
  • The Joy of Yoga: Learn the foundations of Yoga in four lessons
    on May, 2/3 and 16/17, 2020
  • Meditation & Sound Healing Workshop with Punnu Singh Wasu
    on Sunday, May 10, 2020
  • The Power, Practice and Yoga of Radical Wellness with Sue Elkind
    on September 19, and 20, 2020
  • Special 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training 2020 at AIRYOGA Zurich - New Intensive Format
    from May 16, through November 8, 2020
  • A Journey Through the Yoga Traditions – A 200-hour Advanced Training
    from September 14, 2020 through April 11, 2021
  • Yoga Retreats
  • Online Yoga Classes

Immerse yourself into a soothing ‘cocoon’ - a space of ultimate transformation, where you can relax and renew all layers of your being. Learn how to perfectly support your body with bolsters, blankets, blocks and belts, to drop into your ‘innermost home’ and to reveal the beauty of your core essence.

This workshop with Diana Schöpplein on Sunday afternoon, February 23, 2020, is for those who want to explore and integrate the more subtle aspects of Yoga as a pathway to deep relaxation, stillness, reconnection and intimacy. Read more…


Each person has their own individual energy field, which surrounds them and penetrates them. This energy field contains everything that constitutes that individual and makes them unique. 
The individual energy field is a gate and key to the conscious and unconscious power of that person. By consciously observing the energy field, limiting forces can be localized and often dissolved in order to live freer and relax into the present moment.

In her weekend workshop on February 22, and 23, 2020, Andrea Stäger will lead you into energy work, the seven main chakras, their significance in daily life and how to cleanse and harmonize them. Read more…


Starting Monday, February 24, 2020 Frank Schmid will teach a Hatha Yoga course for early birds. The course encompasses 4 lessons and is suitable for practitioners of all levels.

We learn that Yoga in the morning echoes throughout the day with a positive influence on our daily lives. Read more...


The next Early Bird Yoga course with AIRYOGA teacher Kimi Fiebig will start on Thursday, February 27, 2020.

All Early Birds are invited to a Hatha Flow yoga class on Thursdays at 7:00 a.m. The course encompasses five 60-minute lessons and is suitable for practitioners of all levels. Participation is limited to a maximum of 15 individuals.

Tank up on positive energy and start off the day fully conscious and aware! Read more... 


Since 2005, AIRYOGA Zurich has been successfully offering a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training adhering to the standards and requirements of the American Yoga Alliance®.

The next AIRYOGA Teacher Training will be offered in a new intensive format with 230 classroom hours total: The Yoga Foundation Intensive including three modules, followed by the Teaching Methodology Module for those trainees who wish to teach one day and aim towards the teaching certification.

The Yoga Teacher Training 2020 will start on May 16, 2020. It will be taught in line with the Hatha Yoga tradition under the direction of Stephen ThomasRead more...

The 250-hour Teacher Training is already fully booked. Further applications will be added to the wait-list until all previous applications have been reviewed.
A few spots are still available for the Yoga Foundation Intensive (modules 1-3).


This advanced training from September 14, 2020 through April 11, 2021 is directed towards yogis looking for a comprehensive and sophisticated overview emphasizing the essential vision and practices of the most prominent spiritual traditions originating from the Indian subcontinent. 

The course will be directed by Michael Hamilton. It includes seven modules and a retreat week, and it is constructed around three axis: A conceptual module, which includes yoga philosophy and theory - a practice module, which includes the knowledge pertaining to body practice and meditation - and an integration model, which focuses on applying the teachings into daily life. 

Participation is limited to 18 studentsRead more…

For people interested in applying, an info meeting will be held at AIRYOGA, Oberdorfstrasse 2, 8001 Zurich, on Saturday, March 7, 2020, at 1:00 pm.
Please sign up for the info meeting in advance via michaelhamiltonyoga@gmail.com


Join world renowned yoga facilitator Tara Judelle on March 7, and 8, 2020 on an odyssey into the liquid essence of the fourth state or the transcendental state.

This Embodied Flow™ weekend workshop is designed to bring practitioners into the play of polarity, viscosity, magnetism and flow in order to find agency within the body mind. 

This weekend is intended as a full advance into the self. Read more…


The 'Shakti Shuttlez' invite you and your friends to their next uplifting Kirtan and Mantra singing at AIRYOGA on Saturday, March 7, 2020.

Everybody who enjoys singing, dancing or quietly listening is warmly welcome to join this special Kirtan evening. Read more...


Yoga Nidra is a simple, though very effective method for deep relaxation, a source of health, strength, inspiration and joy. 

In his workshop on Sunday afternoon of March 8, 2020, AIRYOGA teacher Adrian Wirth will offer careful introduction into the Yoga Nidra practice. Yoga Nidra is appropriate for everyone. Read more…


Hormone Yoga is a therapeutic form of Yoga, that can help women experiencing hormonal imbalance.

This course with Tanja Forcellini on Tuesdays of March 10, March 17, March 24 and March 31, 2020 over lunch time is recommended for all women – especially for those with hormone fluctuations, experiencing menopause or trying to conceive. Read more...


The breath has always played a crucial role in many spiritual traditions. In this two-part workshop you will experience the power of your breath and explore deeper dimensions of body, mind and soul.

AIRYOGA teacher Adrian Wirth and Guido Lenz - both very experienced in the yogic and schamanic world - will lead this unique workshop on Saturday and Sunday afternoon of March 14, and 15, 2020. Read more...


From Thursday, March 19, through Sunday, March 22, experience a long weekend of self-awareness and self-care together with AIRYOGA teacher Frank Schmid.

In the new opened Sutra House in Riehen near Basel we will practice Yoga in the morning and late afternoon. You can retreat into solitude or spend time with other participants, or use the various facilities such as a heated outdoor pool, sauna, steam bath, massages or go for walks in the nearby forests. Read more...


On Saturday evening, March 21, 2020Stephen Thomas and AIRYOGA will offer a 90-minute donation-based yoga class. We will raise some awareness for the vital role we play in maintaining the harmony and balance in Nature.

This class is a celebration of the inner and outer environments that we inhabit and share with our fellow plants and animals. All proceeds will go to WWF SwitzerlandRead more...


Nadi Shodhana - explore the energetic and mystical world of Ashtanga Yoga in this workshop with Chiara Castellan on Sunday afternoon of March 22, 2020.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to delve deeper into the practice and philosophy of this method in an open and relaxed manner. It is open to practitioners of all levels and styles. Read more...


Hormone Yoga is a therapeutic form of Yoga, that can help women experiencing hormonal imbalance. 

Tanja Forcellini will offer Hormone Yoga exercise classes for women who have already attended a Hormone Yoga workshop with her and want to practice and deepen the sequence in a group and exchange ideas. The next class takes place on Thursday, March 26, 2020. Read more...


This workshop offers a dynamic practice using the wall as challenge and support, taking ourselves into deeper dimensions of our asana and alignment path. Ultimately we find the lesson in our own experience - our practice.

Nina Isabel will lead this special workshop on Sunday afternoon of March 29th, 2020Read more...


From Monday, March 30, to Friday, April 3, 2020, Patrick Creelman from Hong Kong will lead a morning intensive following a classical approach to Yoga Asana and focusing on modifications, effective alignment and working with props.

For experienced students and teachers that are interested to understand how to effectively and intelligently refine the practice this is a chance to study with one of Asia’s more influential modern Yogis. Read more...


Patrick Creelman from Pure Yoga Hong Kong will lead a short yoga weekend from Friday afternoon, April 3, through Sunday evening, April 5, 2020 at the new centre Sutra House in Riehen, Switzerland.

This 3-day immersion offers space and time to dive into the many facets of the Yoga Asana practices. It also is a unique chance to study with one of Asia’s more influential modern Yogis. Read more…


AIRYOGA regularly offers workshops for absolute beginners of yoga. 

The next Absolute Beginners Workshop will take place on Sunday, April 5, 2020 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at AIRYOGA at Oberdorfstrasse 2 in 8001 Zurich. It will be taught by Adrian Wirth in German and English. Read more...

SPECIAL: Workshop participants will get their first series of 10 classes for Fr. 280.- (instead of Fr. 350.-). 


Space at both of our studios is getting tight again. Beginning of March 2020 we are therefore clearing out the private mats which are no longer in use. We will donate all unclaimed private mats to a good cause.

All private mats are now placed in front of the studio doors. Please claim your mat by putting it back in the studio shelfs for private mats by latest Saturday, February 29, 2020.

If you will not be back in our studios by end of February, please write us an email at zuerich@airyoga.com with a description of your yoga mat. We will put it back in the shelfs inside the studio for you.

Please note that due to limited space we can only offer storage of yoga mats for those who practice regularly at AIRYOGA at least once per week. If you are going to be away for longer periods of time, we kindly request that you take your yoga mat home.

Thank you for your understanding!

Your AIRYOGA team

Online Yogaklassen von YOGIFILMS

If – in spite of the wide variety of possibilities – you still don't have enough time to make it to the AIRYOGA studios, you can always take advantage of our online class platform. Read more...


Yoga teacher and psychologist Mira Popper teaches a gentle yoga class for seniors on Tuesday afternoons. This class is for everyone who might be a bit older, but still wants to remain in good shape, mentally and physically. No previous experience in yoga is required. Read more...


In order for you to purchase what you need as convenien-tly as possible, AIRYOGA and Yogatanja are now running a small yet sweet online store. Here you will find the online store where you can buy selected yoga products online.


This workshop with Salome Noah Caruso on April 18, and 19, 2020 is for all women who would like to experience and understand their bodies on a deeper level and would like to connect with their innate feminine power. 

It is for all women who want to feel more at ease and in harmony with their femininity. It can support women's fertility, ease the transition away from the birth control pill, help to regulate menstruation and menopausal symptoms, and stimulate thyroid function. Read more...


From April 20, to April 24, 2020, you can reset your system on several layers in this immersion of extensive Sadhana mornings with Manuela Peverelli.

Each morning will focus on a specific theme and include Mantra, Meditation, Kriyas, Pranayama and Asana. Read more… 


The Traditional Chinese Meridian Module is the second core module of Josh Summers' Yin Yoga Teacher Training, yet it can be taken as a standalone intensive.

This 50-hour module from April 23, to April 26, 2020 is open to serious students and teachers of Yin Yoga who are interested in integrating the profound energetic aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine into their practice and teaching of Yin Yoga. Read more…


Join Anya Porter from April 30, to May 3, 2020 for a 4-day advanced education for teachers and health professionals.

Mornings will establish and build upon a foundation of practices which provide stimulation of deeper states of awareness. A wide variety of methods and techniques will be explored. Afternoons will incorporate an intensive study of hands-on applications, both for personal and professional work with clients and students. Read more…


From Thursday, April 30, to Sunday, May 3, 2020, Anya Porter will offer a 4-day morning immersion open to all practitioners.

Each morning will establish and build upon a foundation of practices which provide stimulation of deeper states of health and awareness. A wide variety of methods and techniques will be explored which enliven and awaken potential, as well as guide toward balance and wholeness. Read more…


On four afternoons beginners to yoga are invited to participate in a progressive course introducing the foundations of yoga, including the history and philosophy of yoga, breathing techniques and breath control (Pranayama), bodily poses (Asana) and Meditation (Dhyana).

The next "Joy of Yoga" course starts on Saturday, May 2, 2020 with AIRYOGA instructor Frank SchmidRead more...

SPECIAL: Course participants will get their first series of 10 classes for Fr. 280.- (instead of Fr. 350.-).


Awaken and strengthen your creativity in this 7-day retreat on Paros, the magical Cyclade Island of Light.

Practice Kundalini Yoga - the Yoga of awareness, meditate at spiritual spots, chant mantras and tap into your intuition and creative power in workshops. 
Some leisure time for trips, relaxation and sharing will complement our days at the sea.

The Kundalini Yoga teacher, Reiki master and international designer expert Franziska Kessler will lead this week from May 2, to 9, 2020 at the popular Okreblue Seaside Retreat Center. Read more...


FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) and Kinstretch® are movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion while focusing on gaining control of your passive flexibility by using your muscles (rather than gravity) to attain improved mobility. 

The primary goal of this workshop with Maria Pountou on Saturday afternoon of May 9, 2020 is to get each joint working like a real joint and to go through its full range of motion. Read more…


Join Indian vocalist, musician, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Punnu Singh Wasu in his 3-hour workshop session on Sunday afternoon of May 10, 2020.

Punnu will offer you an ancient and very powerful chakra clearing meditation, as well as mantras, sound medicine melodies and other different songs accompanied by sacred instruments in order to move in a place of complete relaxation and peace. Read more...


Starting Friday, June 5, 2020 AIRYOGA teacher Nina Calame will lead a playful yoga course on five Friday mornings for mothers, fathers and their toddlers from crawling to the age of 18 months. Read more…



Join Nico Luce on the weekend of June 6, and 7, 2020 for two sessions of epic Asana inspired by legendary teachings.

In this workshop, Nico will guide you into the core messages of yoga’s most beloved book, The Bhagavad Gita, and incorporate its powerful teachings into your practice, both on and off the mat. Learn how to use this ancient text as a guide to face the battles of life.

All levels welcome!


Why adding a resistance tool to the practice of Yoga? The MSA™ (My-strength-ability) is a multifunctional resistance belt designed by physiotherapist and yoga teacher Stefanie Zimmermann Castson. Working with this belt will give you a completely new, creative approach to your yoga practice.

In the first part of this workshop series on Sunday afternoon of June 14, 2020 we will target the core and arms; in the second part on Saturday afternoon of June 21, 2020 we will work from the core down into the lower body and the legs.
Each part of the workshop can be booked separately. Read more…


This long weekend from Thursday, June 25, to Sunday, June 28, 2020, is an invitation to slow down and listen deeply inwards. The inspirational yoga practice with the Bernese yoga teacher Elisa Malinverni and the new, atmospheric Sutra House near Basel in Switzerland offer the perfect setting for this process.

As we commit to pausing, we might also discover heartfelt desires or long unanswered needs? Read more…


Let’s gather on Sunday afternoon of June 28, 2020 and spend an afternoon in celebration of mid summer and the lively aspect of human existence.

With Adrian Wirth and Paola Deprez, we will connect to the joy in our hearts with chanting the 108 Gayatri Mantras in a melodious, rhythmic and energetic way. Music and your voice is the vehicle to open your heart, let the energy flow freely and allow gratitude to arise. Read more...


Balance is effortless. In this long weekend we get to the bottom of this statement and discover how we can play with the vital contrast between doing and being. 
In both the active, strengthening Yang Yoga and the passive, resting Yin Yoga, we playfully explore our limits. In the walking and sitting meditations as well as in pranayama, we take time to consciously listen to silence - to perceive, regenerate and enjoy.

This 4-day retreat with yoga teacher Stefania Maria Bernet will take place from Thursday, July 9, to Sunday, July 12, 2020 in the Karunahaus in the valley of Toggenburg, an oasis of peace and relaxation. Read more…


Soul mates? Twin-flames? Discover and balance your feminine and masculine sides to harmonize your relationships.

In his workshop on Saturday afternoon of July 11, 2020, the charismatic spiritual teacher and bestselling author Gahl Sasson from Los Angeles blends together practical relationship advice from mystical traditions around the world helping you attract the right people into your life and harmonize your current relationships.
Open to all interested people, no prior knowledge is needed.

From July 7, through July 13, 2020, and on appointment, Gahl will also be available for private readings in Astrology and past lifetime regression. Read more...


Find your equanimity and your inner compass during this week of Yoga and Mindfulness from Saturday, July 18, to Saturday, July 25, 2020 with Frank Schmid and Tanja Forcellini.

Once again, we’re staying at the magnificent Eco Retreat Center Balaiana in the North of Sardinia, and we are going to practice Yoga postures, breath work, mindfulness, sitting in stillness and simply enjoy. Read more…


Activate and harmonize the flow of energy in your body with yoga and Qi Gong, and connect to the healing power of nature in Shinrin Yoku, the forest bathing.

This long weekend from Thursday, August 27, to Sunday, August 30, 2020 with AIRYOGA teacher Kimi Fiebig and forest bathing guide Sandra Schmidt at the Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof in Flims will nourish your body and mind, allowing you to find peace from within. 

Basic knowledge of yoga is recommended but not required for participation. Read more...


Join Sue Elkind on September 19, and 20, 2020 for a dynamic weekend designed to stretch your awareness, enliven your body and ultimately connect you to the deepest, most vital relationship you have with your Self.

Learn complementary practices and functional tools that not only expand your yoga asana ability, but generate more energy, strength and inspiration towards achieving overall radical wellness. Read more...


Yin Yoga teacher and meditation instructor Josh Summers will offer again the Foundations Module of the Yin Yoga Teacher Training at AIRYOGA.

The Foundations Module from September 24 to 27, 2020 is a comprehensive training for serious students and teachers interested in learning the core physical aspects of the practice of Yin Yoga.

Each 50hr module may be taken independently for Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance, or the modules can be applied towards a 200hr or 300hr Certification within Josh's 'School of Yin Yoga'Read more…


From October 3, to 10, 2020, AIRYOGA teachers Natalia Knuchel and Tanja Forcellini invite you to join them in Northern Sardinia for a unique Yoga and Mindfulness week at the wonderful Eco Retreat Center Balaiana

In addition to daily Yoga and Meditation practice, the schedule offers enough time for excursions to the magnificent beaches, to enjoy the Sardinian sun or simply to relax the body and mind, prioritizing many aspects of self-care. 

The daily routine at this unique place of power - far away from everyday life - includes the practice of Yoga asana, Mindfulness exercises, Breathing exercises and Sitting in Silence. Read more...


Join us from Thursday, October 22, to Sunday, October 25, 2020 for a small group retreat in the charming village of Novaggio in southern Ticino. 

We will stay in the beautifully restored ancient Casa Corvo, the private home of Ticinese yoga teacher Michela Montalbetti. There, she will offer a blend of asana, pranayama and meditation twice a day.

Boost your energy levels with nature, Yoga and well-deserved time off. The area is ideal for short and long walks through the autumnal chestnut forests. Read more… 


This two-part, 14-hour intensive training from October 31 through November 8, 2020 with Nina Calame will provide you with an in-depth understanding, knowledge and experience in teaching Prenatal- and Baby & me Yoga classes.

Each part of this training can be booked separately. Read more...




You don't have to travel far. The new Sutra House in Riehen near Basel will be our beautiful destination to retreat out of daily life. 

From November 19, through 22, 2020, we will have the time and space to expand our Asana and Pranayama practice and to grow the nourishing dialogue with ourselves. Through consistent practice, delicious vegetarian food, deep rest, spa and massages, we will establish healing stability. This seems more valuable today than ever before. Read more...