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  • Covid certificate requirement at AIRYOGA
  • New at AIRYOGA?
  • Online Yoga Classes via Live Stream
  • The Joy of Yoga: Learn the foundations of Yoga in two afternoons
    on December 11, and 12, 2021
  • Christmas Special with Manuela Peverelli
    on December 24, 25, and 26, 2021
  • Hatha Yoga Morning Immersion with Stephen Thomas
    from Januar 10, through 14, 2022
  • Absolute Beginners Yoga Workshop
    on Sunday, January 30, 2022
  • Engaged Ashtanga - Alignment Principles and Adaptability on the Ashtanga Path with Matt Champoux
    on March 26, and 27, 2022
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Mindfulness Meditation Module with Josh Summers
    from March 31 to April 3, 2022
  • Yoga Intensive Training with Michael Hamilton, Sabine Glück and Sascha Delberg
    from March 11, through October 2, 2022
  • 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training 2022 at AIRYOGA Zurich
    from May 13, through November 6, 2022
  • Everyday Hero - An Online Yoga Program with Mirjam Haymann and Aylin Karadayi
  • Yoga Retreats

Experience how you can optimize your body and mind through breathing techniques, cold exposure and focus exercises in this workshop on Saturday afternoon, December 4, 2021.

Jan Pekarek, experienced in ice bathing, will offer a theoretical insight into the processes that take place in our bodies when we come into contact with cold water. Under his professional guidance you will have the opportunity to bathe in the cold Lake Zurich and to feel how your mental focus, your breathing and your sensations change. Read more...


On two afternoons beginners to yoga are invited to participate in a progressive course introducing the foundations of yoga, including the history and philosophy of yoga, breathing techniques and breath control (Pranayama), bodily poses (Asana) and Meditation (Dhyana).

The next "Joy of Yoga" course will be offered on the afternoons of Saturday, December 11, and Sunday, December 12, 2021 with AIRYOGA instructor Frank SchmidRead more...

SPECIAL: Course participants will get their first series of 10 classes for Fr. 280.- (instead of Fr. 350.-).


On Sunday afternoon of December 19, 2021, AIRYOGA teacher Adrian Wirth and Paola Deprez will accompany us on a journey, where we lose the sense of time and can let go of the tiring project of being somebody: pure Yoga, a healing reconnection with our essence! Read more...


Join Manuela Peverelli in three Master Classes over Christmas.

The 2.5 hour sessions on the mornings of December 24, 25, and 26, 2021 offer an opportunity to celebrate together on the mat and in the collective power of silence.

You can book either single sessions or the entire Christmas Special. A regular yoga practice of at least two years is required for participating. Read more…



In addition to our live classes in the AIRYOGA studios, we will be offering online classes again - streamed live via Zoom.
This shall give those who are currently unable to visit our studios the opportunity to still practice regularly.

The teachers will stream their online classes via Zoom, either directly from their home or from the AIRYOGA studio. The online classes are 60 resp. 75 minutes long. They can be booked as a single class or in a series of 5 classes through AIRYOGA Online or the Eversports AppRead more...

See the schedule for the AIRYOGA online classes via live stream here →


Evolve your practice, transform your teaching: AIRYOGA will start its next, Yoga Alliance registered +300-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course on January 21, 2022.

Our experienced faculty under the guidance of Stephen Thomas will lead this comprehensive training in a series of five focused modules, offered over the period of January to December, 2022 and covering approx. 215 live contact hours total. In addition there will be approx. 55 hours of online content throughout the course to support the live teaching.

The ATT+300 course 2022 is fully booked. There is a wait-list for further applications. Read more…


In 2022, AIRYOGA Zurich will be offering again a 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training taught in line with the Hatha Yoga tradition and adhering to the new standards and requirements of the American Yoga Alliance®.

This course is set-up in six weekend modules plus two intensive weeks and covers 220 to 230 classroom hours. It is recommended for experienced and dedicated yoga practitioners who wish to teach one day and aim towards the teaching certification.

The AIRYOGA Teacher Training 2022 will start on May 13, 2022 under the direction of Stephen Thomas. Early application is highly recommended. Read more...


From March through October 2022, Michael Hamilton, Sabine Glück and Sascha Delberg will offer an intensive training of about 160 hours to experienced Yogis and Yoga teachers.

The training consists of 7 weekend modules at AIRYOGA Zurich plus one retreat week at Karunahaus in the Toggenburg valley. The course is based on Yogic and Buddhist philosophy, complemented with approaches from western psychology. The emphasis is on personal development and less on theoretical training.

The group size is limited to 14 participants in order to offer individual support. Read more…


In order for you to purchase what you need as convenien-tly as possible, AIRYOGA and Yogatanja are also running a small yet sweet online store during the closing of AIRYOGA. Here you will find the online store where you can buy selected yoga products online.


We would like to offer you the opportunity to use various online yoga classes. Read more...

Here you will find classes from Stephen Thomas, Michael Hamilton, Frank Schmid, Manuela Peverelli and more...




EVERYDAY HERO is a collaboration between Mirjam and Aylin - two Yoga teachers, friends and everyday heroes. Together they have developed a unique 8 hour online yoga program for body and mind, with potent recipes and techniques to build a personal radiant scope and to master crisis.

The Everyday Hero Online Yoga Program is available through AIRYOGA with a 10% discount. The classes and lectures can be used unlimited for one year from date of purchase. Read more...


Join Stephen Thomas in this classic urban immersion from Monday, January 10, to Friday, January 14, 2022.

These five mornings are a chance to dive deep into Chanting, Meditation, Pranayma and Asana, and to practice and refine techniques and experience. Read more...



AIRYOGA regularly offers workshops for absolute beginners of yoga. 

The next Absolute Beginners Workshop will take place on Sunday, January 30, 2022 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at AIRYOGA at Oberdorfstrasse 2 in 8001 Zurich. It will be taught by Adrian Wirth in German and English. Read more...

SPECIAL: Workshop participants will get their first series of 10 classes for Fr. 280.- (instead of Fr. 350.-). 


Each person has their own individual energy field, which surrounds them and penetrates them. This energy field contains everything that constitutes that individual and makes them unique. 
The individual energy field is a gate and key to the conscious and unconscious power of that person. By consciously observing the energy field, limiting forces can be localized and often dissolved in order to live freer and relax into the present moment.

In her weekend workshop on February 5, and 6, 2022, Andrea Stäger will lead you into energy work, the seven main chakras, their significance in daily life and how to cleanse and harmonize them. Read more…


In this 4-day retreat, we regenerate and invigorate our body and air ourselves out after the cold season. Movement, breath, mantra and meditation will support us come to life again on all levels, physically, energetically and emotionally. Small rituals will help create space for the new and pave the way for transformation.

The Bernese yoga teacher Elisa Malinverni will offer this retreat from Thursday, March 24, through Sunday, March 27, 2022 at Sutra House in Riehen near Basel. Read more...


Join Matt Champoux from San Francisco for a fun and deeply invigorating weekend!

In this workshop on March 26, and 27, 2022 we will explore how to use Asthanga Yoga as an adaptive method suitable for yoga practitioners of all levels and with all ranges of physical conditions.

Lecture, Q + A, and practice will form the structure of our time together. Read more…


The Mindfulness Meditation Module is a comprehensive training in the theory and practice of Mindfulness Meditation and its application to the practice and teaching of Yin Yoga. 

This 50-hour module from Mach 31, to April 3, 2022 is open to serious students and teachers of Yin Yoga who are interested in integrating meditation into their practice and teaching of Yin Yoga. Read more…


Setting out from the blooming oasis of Merzouga we will trek by camel to the desert camp of Sahara Yoga in the dunes of Erg Chebbi in the South East of Morocco. We will lodge in comfortable Berber tents and practice Yoga and meditation under the open sky twice a day with Michael Thurnherr. In our free time, we immerse ourselves in the beauty, the vastness and the silence of this touching landscape.

This unique yoga retreat will be offered from April 8, to 16, 2022. Read more…  


In spring, the Greek island of Paros is quiet and not very touristy.

From Sunday, May 15, to 22, 2022 we will enjoy daily yoga with our local host and experienced yoga teacher Sasy Chasomeri at the popular Okreblue Seaside Retreat Center, memorable sunrises and sunsets, fine food and Greek hospitality.

This week by the sea will offer all you need to relax and unwind. Read more...